Daygame Spring Woes

4th April 2018
Helsinki, Finland

Last half a year I been on/off trying ignite the spark with either daygame or online dating. Dabbling with both to see when I feel the pull chasing new girls. I noticed that with daygame I do still enjoy interactions. There is some sense of thrill but with online (Tinder, Happn) no.

I been happy to enjoy other things like books and sports instead murky Nordic streets. I have been dating with a young Russian girl for a year now. Inevitable is closing and she finding it more and more difficult to understand the open nature of our thing. She is playing more often the option for relationship card, which shows that it would be best part ways.

My work situation is lucky as I will have to be and walk a lot in the center of Helsinki. I deem this the daygame gods giving me a good push to the daygame meadows. I am in the process of cutting down the winter hobbies like reading to give more room for sunny streets. In Finland we have strong four seasons and I am growing more comfortable with idea of forming my life’s emphasis around it. This is to avoid burnouts like I had after huge amounts of daygame that happened in Budapest. After that I had two longer dating scenarios that I bought enjoyed. There was a big difference with those both in comparison with previous dating and relationship set-ups. Both cases girl chased clearly more than me. Dynamics of the relationship felt that she loved me and I liked her.

I noticed that provides me a better platform to do daygame. Although I am currently rusty having daygamed very little during past year still I feel like a boss going to the interactions. I am sure one factor is continuous access to pussy but I think it is deeper mindset shift than that. I think this will partly fix my biggest sin with daygame. Easily falling to the entertainer mode since I am naturally more relaxed and quiet. This sounds like compensation but with these prior good experiences with relationships I think it will be fixed.

Tom Torero kindly posted one of my old daygame stories from Budapest times. It still my most memorable daygame experience since it was such a challenging case, which ended confusingly in three push type of thing.

Spring is almost arriving to Finland as well so I am happy start moving towards daygame season. First step is starting slow and goal is doing fifteen approaches during this week. Idea is just getting the habit rolling again and get the winter rust of from the daygame boots.


My daygame stats 2017

30th December 2017
Helsinki, Finland

Year 2017 was an off year, plain and simple. I meet early this year a great mid-twenties Russian girl that I been dating ever since. In early phase I had couple of regular girls on the side but after those fizzled I have been only very unregularly on new dates. I liked to think that I always pushed the frame that I am seeing other girls and would be a bad pick as a boyfriend. This has left the dating in stagnation and revolves now mostly around sex and this has led to that she soon will end our thing and go for more permanent deal. Fair enough, this means more debauchery for me.

In all earnest, I am very happy to have meet the girl. We enjoyed great chemistry and explore deprived sex together. I have grown as sexual lover during this time, which should help me in my future daygame pursuits.

My goal for 2017 was to increase quality of girls that I interacted with. Two girls I hanged out longer periods this year were both good quality girls. Russian girl high seven/low eight range and other low seven. There were also some horny mishaps.

Online game I was lazy with as I collected a lot of numbers but didn’t follow through most of them. Even though I managed to improve the quality of girls I attracted there too. Biggest mistake I made was go on dates with less attractive girls that I did want to fuck when I met with them. My early year was like that and it later killed my enthusiasm to go on dates.

I won’t ramble longer as you will see my daygame was non-existent this year. My goal for year 2018 is to integrate daygame as part of my normal everyday life. Previous years 2014, 2015 and part of 2016 have been about hitting the streets hard and shotgun approaching. I have office job but there was shift to more flexible hours and they don’t require presence in the office anymore. This is something that I will capitalize on.

Basics (daygame/online game)
Opens: 10 / ?
Numbers: 2 / 352
Dates: 0 / 57
Lays: 0 / 7

Youngest: 24
Oldest: 30

Finnish: 4
German: 1
Russian: 1
Turkish: 1

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Yearly Sexual Satisfaction (Happy fucks)

Joensuu, Finland

Having some down time outside the business of the big city I started think for next year while also reflecting last years. I am currently 33 years old because of my religious upbringing I had sex first when I was 25 years old.

I have the feeling that my satisfaction on my sexual partners have increased tremendously especially last few years. Guys use school rating system on women’s look. Here I am just looking back to figure out, which girls I would still like to fuck knowing what I know and having experienced many things afterwards.

I have simply listed girls that I have sex first time that year, amount of those that I still feel that I would be happy to fuck and percentage of happy fucks. Note that I am not only review girls looks but the sexual experience we shared. As an editorial note my daygame journey started in the end of 2013 when I met Tom Torero.

Stats 2009-2017:
2017: 7/4 – 57 %
2016: 6/3 – 50 %
2015: 22/12 – 55 %
2014: 9/5 – 55 %
2013: 0/0 – 0%
2012: 0/0 – 0 %
2011: 1/1 – 100 %
2010: 3/0 – 0 %
2009: 1/1 – 100 %

This might worthy measurement to track my progress next year that has plateaued at least in some sense this year because of longer relationships. Girl has been that satisfying that she has robbed me from pleasure from chasing other girls.


Impossible Russian Equation

Helsinki, Finland

This might not come as surprise to anyone. Early thirties guy starts fucking early twenties Russian girl regularly. Daygame and all other dating takes a hit. This time it was a big hit. We been seeing each other regularly once or twice week for 6 months now. In the beginning, I was still seeing and fucking other old girls. My attempts for meeting new girls have been weak for the long time. When I am satisfied sexually, there has been no drive for meeting new girls. Slowly other old girls moved abroad or fizzled out otherwise.

Today I realized that it has been already two months since I fucked another girl. Bad. But good is that my desire for variety is appearing. I see the girl as very attractive and the sex is still great after 6 months. Still now I find myself missing experience different kind of girl. Bigger boobs, different sounds and kinks in the bed. There is tension in the first with each girl.

I hope all this propels me the streets. During these six months, my daygame approaches have been few. Probably not more than twenty. Few numbers I got, I haven’t followed up properly. The ooze of femininity that I am currently enjoying might be hard to find in the streets of Helsinki. I have now grown to miss daygame so I hope all this leads soon enough to some sexy banter.

Meanwhile I still have few stories in the bag that I haven’t written yet like the tale of the Turkish sex tourist.

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Surprise Russian princess loves sex

Helsinki, Finland

As a man, you got to be grateful of great nation of Russia with its woman that challenge a man. I am experience currently a happy post-debauchery bliss. Morning after my dick and head is aching. I still experience deep state of serenity.

My positive feeling comes from the fact that my interaction had confirmed all the things that pick-up community teaches about the nature of women and how to deal with them. My experience confirms countless stories I read before. There was princess behavior, shit tests, trying to take the frame, accusing that I don’t treat her like a lady, beta male shaming and other hand shaming that I just want to fuck her. Everything from different angles, nothing that would make coherent sense.

I manage to stay at course and be patient within the storm of emotions and energy that this young 24-year girl was experiencing. I deliberately give in still making sure that I keep the frame and lead the interaction to the right direction.

Few moments are especially memorable. At one point, she said that shy can’t put me on a box and that other guys are easy to figure. This is something that I have hear in different forms a lot. I feel this is comes with something positive and negative. On the positive side, I express a range of emotions. I can be sweet, a dick, stubborn, crude, gentleman, humorous and using my creativity I can let her feel unique experience. Something that I still need to work with is giving a clear sexual intent. This is lacking too often. I slept with her much quicker if I had this. Only after I ravaged her in the bed she proclaimed that she didn’t realize I had this on me. I think only my verbal push-pull prevented me from going to deep into boyfriend territory but still this was way too slow process. Sexual intent needs to be clear both verbal and non-verbal level. Initial dates it was more clear in verbal level as it would better it would clear primary on non-verbal level.

The ambiguity she feels with made her also to have trust issues. I resort to too much joking and she can’t feel out real me. I put deliberate focus on this to get real once and while with her. I should still more this. Just on a final note. It was amazing to fuck and ravage her but now I am off to do some daygame. The season is finally starting. It’s fun to daygame out in the streets of Helsinki knowing that the 4 Week Natural bootcamp is running in the city. I already seen Eren in the action couple of times.

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The Russian challenge

Helsinki, Finland

I met a 24-year old Russian on Tinder way back but we both been travelling so we could meet first only recently, yesterday we had our third date within two weeks. It’s been clear from the beginning that she is a outlier but she has been still consistent with the Russian princess behavior. She loves to talk about it but it’s clear that she has been ready to bend the rules little for my benefit. After all she has been living in Finland for five years.

Close to this, just add one kilo for every year she spent in Finland

I focus here on her behavior on dates and how I have dealt it. I also consider how I will progress this interaction. We met on Tinder and soon after both us were travelling so we had postponed our meeting for few weeks. Right after she came back she let me know and suggest times when she was available and places she would like to go for a walk.

1) First date: A walk by the sea and cemetery
We went for a walk in the center by the sea, where she also lived. Weather wasn’t that great but she came out with a positive mood. She was tired but still smiling and contributing. Conversation was effortless and teased her for that she doesn’t live up to my expectations of bitchy Russian girls. Just to end the creepiness factor we end up walking in the cemetery but she was cool about it and it was all good fun. I had another date lined up afterwards, which I wasn’t very interested about, so I expected her suggestion to continue our date after the walk in a cute coffee shop by the sea.

I am not just to blowing girls off so I was worrying about it so I naturally came off as aloof guy so she was investing a lot to the conversation but I still managed to lead it as much that vibe and topics were appropriate. She asked about my tinder adventures, where I fumbled a bit by not going on the cocky route. My answer was weak but still not reactive, which seem to be enough. I dropped her off her house and went to my following date a lot late. It still happened but I wish it wouldn’t have. Afterwards she was sweet and thanked me for a date.

2) Second date: Bar tour in a sketchy hipster area
I started to ground the next date be suggesting that she should cook me blinis like good Russian housewife. Callback humor from the previous date where I as priest proclaimed as man and a wife. She counters with proposition to go a fancy Russian restaurant instead. She hints that she wants to meet soon again so I ask for immediately for a second date next day to go for pub tour to these cheap bars pledging to buy for water for the whole night.

She comes to the date all dolled up wearing high heels as I had suggested. I spontaneously take her to see apartment that is for sale before going to a first bar. In the bar, I keep mostly teasing her being a Russian spy who escaped from a James Bond movie while we were still getting to know basics of each other. Vibe is good and there is the sexual tension, in the third bar I try to kiss her which she sternly denies and I congratulate and tease her being now a proper Russian girl. Still I educate her that here in Finland we do things together and go on talking that she is clearly a black sheep that shouldn’t follow these old rules. Still refrain kissing her further and end the date on a high note. Once again she thanks me for a date and we already made plans to go and see exhibition that we both like.

3) Third date: Museum and a sketchy bar tour
We go for an adventure date on a museum, which full of activities and we get to play together. She made a gift for me relating to the museum trip. Afterwards she wants to continue, after all it’s a Saturday evening, she I take her to bar nearby. I warn her that this is a famous bar that many night adventures happen. She had brought playing cards with her, so we play together. Just keep having fun together. She wants me to take her to her favorite (expensive) bar in the center.

I decline since I don’t want to get a good boyfriend material category. I have acknowledged her Russian background by paying more stuff than usually (tea and museum tickets) while not making an issue about it. In the bar, we sit down and she says she would like to have wine. I reply. “Sure, go and bring me also some water.” She accepts it and gets us drinks. We play question game while I teach her the play backgammon and fourth wall many things what comes to female and male interactions. She enjoys that I see through her feminine games and make fun of her. While I still make sure, I still respect her Russian up bring and the fact that things are done there differently.

In the third bar, I tell her to get herself a new drink and then sit next to me and she complies. I grab her to next to me and she complies with everything. She being so comfortable being next to me, I kiss her. Everything runs smoothly from this on.

We discuss what to do next time and she still would like to go to the expensive bar and states that we never eat together. I should also bring flowers to make her happy. I tease for her and say that those things belong to the 10th date. She gives in and accepts that next time we will meet at my place and she wants to see my drunk that time. This all seems like a green light for sex to happen on our next date. So, the next date is all about being persistent and if necessary royal flush it. I already reframed it that sex is natural thing and I find her attractive and we should be comfortable together and not to worry about the rules of (Russian) society.

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A German Erasmus thing

Helsinki, Finland

Past weeks I been fucking with this cute crazy 24-year old German girl with small body and big boobs. A kind of thing that I’m sucker for. She is an Erasmus student. I like those flings that I have had a chance to have with these Erasmus girls through the years. There are bunch of qualities that make them appealing for me.

1) Younger
2) Adventurous mindset, just for belong to this Erasmus group thing
3) Still they look for to have their flings outside the exchange student group (just mostly)
4) They won’t be lucking for anything serious and the fuckbuddy frame is set automatically
5) They are busy with their peers in the Erasmus group, so they won’t be harassing to meet more than once a week.

I am happy as I feel that so was worth losing my precious German flag for. But on a serious note with different European girls, the biggest upside meeting girls from different nations is just to riff with the stereotypical jokes. Difference with western girls from nation to nation is not that big.

I am just happy that she didn’t look like Angela Merkel but funny enough that I couldn’t find anything similar with a quick google search.