Date reports · Helsinki

Date Report 0021 – Ulla (Girl 537)

15th November 2018
Helsinki, Finland

Ulla: looks 6, age 32, met through Tinder. I tried out first time having a first date at my office gym. We met there late in yesterday evening. She arrived on time and I noticed that she was more muscular then in the pictures. Soon enough it was clear that she worked as a personal trainer. She didn’t shy away from practicing her profession during our date too.

Change of plans. Scratch a date and have a free PT session. Damn, my muscles are hurting now. Like it was a proper BSDM-session and me being the bitch. I get to fix few important errors in my lifts, which lead to a great deal of muscle soreness later.

The date part progressed a bit where we get to have some talks between the sets. She was so anal focused on working out efficiently so discussions were briefer. I still feel I got good feel about her and it was clear that weren’t matching.

Funny coincidence was that she was a little sister of one the local pick up guys. One more reason to keep relations with her strictly platonic. We had a good two-hour gym session. No plans to meet her again.

No new dates planned.

Date reports · Helsinki

Date Report 0020 – Olivia (Girl 537)

14th November 2018
Helsinki, Finland

Olivia: looks 6, age 31, met through Tinder. We met yesterday for an evening walk nearby to our both places. I was waiting for her in a swimming hall cafeteria. She had just finished dance lessons. She was fit tall girl and generally good-looking average girl. She had visible tattoos.

Within two minutes of her talking a realized that I was on a date with a crazy girl. Ten tattoos and couple of ex-boyfriend bashing later analysis was finalized. My dick shouldn’t go near to this pussy.

We had fun. Crazy emotional unstable girl are always the fun ones. Still one night of passionate sex is not worth it what would happen afterwards. Crazy long text messages fill my mobile. I got preview from this already before the meet.
Back the date. We started to walk towards my flat from the swimming hall. Date started well, and we had good banter. She talked a lot about herself and I just steered the conversation. She was self-obsessed, so I could have been any other fun guy. She did once and a while asked something about me, but it quickly transitioned to her.

Later I got to use “Why are you still single?” question, which I must use later as it gave interesting perspective and she did real work for it. Initial response was that she doesn’t get to meet men anywhere. Later she went to negative rant, who all men she met hurt her.

I took her to a bus stop close to my flat and said goodbyes.

Next date today with Girl 527
This date will happen in our company gym. In the name of efficacy, I wanted test how combining gym and a first date would work. Our gym is usually totally empty so there should be a change to have good conversations between lifts. We have also ping-pong table for fun. Also a lot of secluded places the get intimate so I will have my condoms ready.

Date reports · Helsinki

Date Report 0019 – Nhi (Girl 531)

11th November 2018
Helsinki, Finland

Nhi: looks 7, age 31, met through Tinder. She was American but Vietnamese descendant. We were supposed to meet today at midday at the center, but this happened.


But after an hour delay date started. I wasn’t too bothered since I had meaningful stuff to do and didn’t feel my time wasted and the girl was apologetic.

We went for a slow walk. Conversation was first a bit awkward since she was too polite in American style. Undertone was still positive and light. Distinctive for the conversation was friendly banter with man-to-woman topics sprinkled in. During the progression of the conversation I started to put in sexual topics as well and she responded well being giddy.

We went eventually for a coffee where I selected seats so that we could sit next to each other but we didn’t. I focused on slowing down. Letting silences occur and looking at her (hopefully in a seductive way). I put in more sexual topics. She told me she had a fun visit to a striptease club where she made it rain with dollar bills. I shared the time a daygamed a stripper collecting bottles in the park and end up taking her for a date later. Only to learn that she was batshit crazy although fun too.

I started to walk here back to the center. She put immediately lipstick on after we left the coffee. I intuitively felt that she would like to kiss me. We still continue walking quite a bit. She looked teenager young and I started to joke that guys taking her to dates can’t be physical with her in the fear of being prisoned.

Later we end up in front of a police car in front of the main train station. A sketchy place. I pulled her in for a kiss and she responded eagerly. I blurted out I am going to the jail and soon too policeman appeared.

I said goodbyes and she kissed me goodbye. I confident that we will see each other again.

No dates planned for tomorrow.

Date reports · Helsinki

Date Report 0018 – Emmi (Girl 523)

11th November 2018
Helsinki, Finland

Emmi: looks 7, age 21, met through Tinder. This is a second date, I met with this girl eight days ago and we got along great. In the end of date, we kissed few times. She was busy and travelling that being the reason for us to meet this late after the first date. I think otherwise both us would have been willing to meet sooner.

She came back to Helsinki and I met her in the train station yesterday evening. We dropped her stuff at her place and from there walk to mine. I promised her some challenge to test her cognitive capabilities.

When I already went hug her I saw that she was going for a kiss. Good sign. I took it easy at beginning just having a slow conversation since she seemed tired. It also takes a while after an intense first date to see where both are at. Easy-going way was good choice as they vibe slowly took up.

I got to explore her apartment and plentiful selection of teasing opportunities arose. I picked few not to go overboard but it was good change make interaction a bit more exciting to give it some range of emotions.

When we arrived at my flat she explored to interior. We first sat on the sofa chilling and chatted casual without any direction to the conversation. We end up relaxing in the bed and I was slow to escalate. We just kissed and cuddled while taking plenty of breaks. She was passive but slowly I saw her arousal going higher. I followed this by groping and kissing her more intensively. She started to moan slightly and went for my crotch. Good times pursued. I plan to meet her again.

Today with Girl 531
I have a midday walk with a start-up business type of Asian girl. We will go for a walk in this drizzle weather. I take it easy and first probe if she is more into joking or challenging. Then go with that and will try to kiss her since she is attractive in my eyes.

I have also two other dates planned for today but without definite plans. One of the girls we already had a light sex chat so will be interesting to see how it affects things. The other girl I matched and chatted at least three different times in Tinder. Every time I invited her out, but she was playing hard to get.

Date reports · Helsinki

Date Report 0017 – Aniya (Girl 528)

8th November 2018
Helsinki, Finland

Aniya: looks 7, age 28, met through Tinder. This happened yesterday. Russian ballbuster arrived one hour late to the date. Luckily, I had anticipated it and was working with my laptop in the coffee shop we were supposed to meet.

After she was late 20 mins I sent a message that I am finishing my work and leaving soon the coffee shop. Asking if she is in the center. She soon replied that work meeting went overtime, and she had problems with her boss. She suggested to meet tomorrow. I stated plainly meeting tonight is good and asking when she can be at the agreed place. This worked well, and she said that she was coming over.

She arrived in a bit frantic mood but still being very polite. I suggested we go for a walk and she agreed happily. We went walk by the sea and suggested that we throw her work phone and laptop to the sea. She has smart girl and she went to a big conversation. She was full of opinions. She naturally challenged my soon. I was able to stay unreactive quite well. She talk about her hate towards Rollo Tomassi’s book The Rationale Male, which she thought to lead men acting unemotionally.

I realized that this intellectual conversation was not good for long time. It was a good situation to challenge her and show emotional intelligence. She did recognize this but still I think was bad call to allow it continue that long as it created wrong vibe although it was about relationships.

She was very open so we talked about sex and what kind of things we like in women/men. She challenged me that she doesn’t like most guys and has high standards.

In the end this date was most of all very educating. I still have some things to learn to cope with these high value bossy women. She was Armenian but had lived in Siberia. She said that I look weak, but she guessed that I was actual strong. I think this true. I am friendly and like to have fun. This can easily make women think I am weak unless they test where I can show that I am actual strong. It means I have to show that I am strong without her tests. My having strong voice, leading, challenging her and early physically escalation. I will start practicing my voice using RSD Jeffy’s Resonator program.

Tomorrow with Girl 513
This is a second date that I suggested to happen at my place where we would have played board games. She soft rejected this so we agreed to play in a pub close to my place. I met her there talk and play a bit. Kiss her. Within two hours I have booked a sauna in my building complex where I try take her with suggesting that we move to play board games and maybe do sauna together. I know she likes sauna. Sex should follow or there is no point meeting this girl again.

Date reports · Helsinki

Date Report 0016 – Anniina (Girl 525)

6th November 2018
Helsinki, Finland

Anniina: looks 6, age 31, met through Tinder. This happened yesterday. Girl was proper businesswoman, who dressed well. We went for an evening walk around the parks in the center. We had pleasant time, I would say. That kind of that leads nowhere.

Date started well, and I was physical. I think my body language was good in sense I was close to her. I avoid certain potential work-related conversation topics that were in the air. She also opened about her sketchy summer jobs.

I think interaction was that kind of that I could have escalated earlier too. Eventually we stand still closer to her place where our ways would depart. She stayed still and was not willing to move. Clearly waiting for me to kiss her or give confirmation that I like her and we would see each other again. However, I retorted to joking for some unexplainable reason. Situation was clearly in my mind what I should do – just kiss her. I guess I have in my head that it is tacky to kiss her right before we depart. Stupider is not to kiss her at all.

Probably we won’t see each other again.

No new dates planned at this point.

Date reports · Helsinki

Date Report 0015 – Anja (Girl 513)

4th November 2018
Helsinki, Finland

Anja: looks 7, age 36, met through Tinder. This girl kicked ass. She had combined advantages of aging and youthfulness. We didn’t click especially well, and banter wasn’t going wild. We just had good genuine meet-up.

We went for a daytime walk around Kallio seaside. I was relaxed and didn’t speak that much. She was quite active on keeping the conversation going. Still conversation seemed effortless and having natural stills. She had a dog with her but she was a good dog not causing problems by cockblocking.

We discussed good range of topics. My contribution was to keep it light. It wasn’t very man-to-woman but still there seemed to have good dynamic. I was happy to there since I naturally valued her. I challenged her and showed some intellectual dominance. I think those were the main ways that I build attraction.

We had 1,5 hours walk. She walked together to my bus stop. We engaged into a quite deep topic and she seemed genuinely that she wanted to be there. We skipped many of my buses while discussing a single topic related to my studies.

I like this date because Anja was good woman to be around all together. She had aged very well look wise. Date was different than I usually have (less banter) but still not being a boring date. I would like to see her again and she seems keen over text messages.

No new dates planned at this point.